We all love travelling, whether a major summer holiday, spa break or City break. If you’re like me, travelling light doesn’t come easy; choosing outfits to stay within today’s luggage weight restrictions if you’re flying or to fit into weekend bag, is hard enough, then having to decide which jewellery to take can just add to the dilemmas so here are a few tips I have adopted.

Don’t treat it as an afterthought

Don’t leave your accessory planning to the last minute. As you plan your outfits think about your jewellery. To be honest I sometimes jot down the outfits I’m considering along with the jewellery options. I find it really helps me focus rather than just empty my wardrobe and jewellery drawer on to my bed for packing only to have to put most of it back!

Leave valuables behind

No matter where your journey is taking you it should be a break from stress and worry so leave behind your most expensive, valuable pieces unless they’re a key part of an outfit for an extra special event on the trip or you’re not going to take them off!! (Not advisable ) If you are taking valuables make sure you have insurance to cover them.

Earrings are must-haves

All that said, don’t limit yourself too much. You should definitely include 3 or 4 styles of earring.   Earrings to me are the most important!  I just don’t feel dressed without a pair of earrings in and my go to studs at the moment are Muru’s Prosperity Studs which just go with anything and  I have in silver and gold.  Due to my colouring I’m normally a silver girl (more on this in a later blog!) but find when I have a bit of a tan I can also wear gold.  Hoops of one description or another are big right now so include a pair of those, add in some tassels and a statement pair, just in case. That way you should have all eventualities covered!


Pictured left to right top Muru Prosperity Studs, Bill Skinner Pineapple Studs, Rachel Jackson Oversized Punk Hoops. Boho Betty Kai Aqua Ombre Tassels.   Left to right bottom Boho Betty Thread Thru Spears, Penny Levi CZ Studs, White Leaf Silver Leaf Statement Earrings, Boho Betty Emmanuel Earrings 

There are lots of other combinations you could decide on depending on your personal style and your destination but you get the idea!

Necklaces & bracelets

Chains can easily get tangled so you need to take precautions – some tips follow later   You can of course limit yourself to one simple pendant that can be worn with multiple outfits. My current favourite is a Muru Arc necklace which is fantastic for layering and can be worn with any neckline or their Hummingbird pendant which has a bit more interest when worn alone.  I know, Muru again,  but they are just such wearable pieces, so affordable and have such lovely meanings attached.

For those very casual evenings when all you need to wear are your crop trousers and a plain t-shirt or strap top pack a ribbon choker – immediately it lifts the outfit.

Boho Betty Choker from Sopistocato.uk

A little Boho style

A few simple bracelets for stacking and a tassel necklace that can be worn with different outfits will have your warm summer evenings pretty much covered.  Stretch bracelets and leather wraps really come into their own here and you can’t beat Boho Betty for a bit of Summer chic!


Stacking bracelets available at Sophisticato.uk









 City break or club night

When the situation calls for something with a bit more pzaz swap the stack for a cuff for a fuss free style statement such as this one from Last True Angel.

Cuff bracelet available at Sophisticato.uk

Finally, pack one statement necklace for when you want to make an impact. Either something neutral or go for a pop of colour and team with simple studs.  Your size will often dictate just how big your statement can be. Rule of thumb – the bigger your size the bolder your statement!

Statement choker from Sophisticato.uk

Kazuri ceramic bead necklace from Sophisticato.uk


How to pack your jewellery safely

Ok, so you’ve made your selection, now you need to pack it. Ideally use a jewellery roll with compartments to keep your items organised. If you don’t have one (mmmmm… perhaps I should start selling them!) I promised tips to prevent chains getting tangled, well you can use empty toilet rolls – just thread your chain through and pop the cardboard roll in a polythene bag or wrap it in a scarf; if you have some straws thread your chains through these,  cut the straw to enable you to fold it and again just pop the straw chain holder in a poly bag or wrap it in something soft.    Chunky items can also be wrapped individually in a ‘jeye’ cloth or similar then placed in a zip lock bag. Any bags that you received your jewellery in like the drawstring organza bags often used by us jewellery sellers, can of course be used.

If you’re flying, my advice is to pack it all in your hand luggage – just in case your checked bag ends up in the wrong place!!  Happens to the best of us at some time unfortunately….but that’s a whole other story!

None of the pieces suggested in this blog will cause financial trauma if they got lost so enjoy your vacation, relax and above all have fun!



Updated April 2018