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Following on from the trend to stack bracelets and bangles came the trend to layer necklaces.  Easy peasy right?  Just throw on a few necklaces and you’re good to go? Well… yes and no. What you don’t want is for it to look a muddle.  It’s about allowing your personal style to shine through!

Here are a few ideas on how to achieve some different layered looks

Elegant but effortless

First, an effortless thrown on look.  One of my favourite brands for layering, Muru, offers pendants in lengths from 16″ to 26″ with a wide choice of meaningful talismans to choose from, easily giving you 2 or even 3 layers straight away! What’s on the end of the chains is of course important.  You want to aim for different shapes and sizes for maximum interest so as well as looking at simple pendants like the Bow, consider also a bar necklace like this Arc, both 16-18″ (41- 46cm) and available in gold, silver or rose gold.

Muru Bow Pendant

Next choose a longer necklace.  As already stated Muru offer a variety of lengths with most of their talisman pendants…..

Layering with Muru talisman pendants


As your longest layer you could choose from Rachel Jackson‘s designs all of which are great for layering but these shown below are 30″ (76cm) length







Layering with Rachel Jackson designs


or choose this as your long layer from Reeves and Reeves


Whichever you choose doesn’t need to be perfectly spaced out, it should look relaxed not too rigid and you can even mix metals.  The exact lengths will depend on your own body height and shape;  whatever suits you best.   In the image at the top of this blog and inset above  Maxine and has used the Muru/Reeves and Reeves combination perfectly

Layers to add sparkle

Ok, so what if you want to ‘dress up’ an outfit with some extra sparkle using layering?  Well, the basic principles are of course the same, add interest with each layer but if you’re using bling you may just want to stick to 2 layers.  No hard and fast rules of course that’s up to you and your personality.  Take a look at Vixi 

Short layer

or Lucky Eyes










A versatile option from Nour London is this really affordable adjustable short necklace which with a simple slider clasp allows you to wear it choker style as your shortest layer or longer as in this picture for other occasions. .


Longer layer suggestions, again from Vixi

Vixi Daydream Rose Gold

For versatility from a layer take a look at Lucky Eyes again.  This stunning yet dainty crystal necklace can be worn long or double wrapped giving you 2 layers in one.  Simple yet sophisticated.  There is also a short version of this by the way.

Casual but ready for anything

Sometimes this can be the hardest.   You’re just meeting friends for a coffee or having a relaxed day out and you’re wearing jeans and a jumper or a tunic dress with opaque tights, you get the picture, what can you throw on to make the outfit fit for wherever you may end up? Well of course a simple Muru talisman pendant to start will always do the job but to add to the fun feel try out something fun from Rachel Jackson at Cinderela B  or  the marvellous Bill Skinner 

For longer layers you can find really easy to wear, very affordable options from Mark Watson using high shine beads, semi precious stones,  crystals and tassels

Festival style overload

Speaking of tassels, if there’s one occasion when it is absolutely ok to wear multiple layers it’s the festival season!  Of course you don’t actually have to go to a festival to wear this look but if it’s Spring/Summer, you’re wearing your plain, tie dyed or slogan t shirt you’re feeling care free and just want to get in touch with your inner hippy then just go for it!  Play and have fun with textures and colours to your heart’s content and who better than Boho Betty and Mark Watson to get your creative fashion juices flowing.  Consider this coin necklace as your short layer or a simple ribbon choker

Tassel necklaces come in all shapes, lengths and colours, mix with some beads and just go for it!

You see!  The options are limitless!

I hope this article has given you some ideas of how you can use the trend of layering to good effect, to reflect your own style and personality,  making you feel good about yourself and boosting your confidence because if you look good on the outside it can help you feel good on the inside.SaveSave





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