Great pieces that you’ll wear over and over again

Having an ‘armoury’ of modern classic jewellery that will allow you to shine again and again is worth aspiring to.  

 1.  A long chain.  

However you style it it’s a jewellery box essential.  This one by Lucky Eyes is discreet enough for everyday with just enough sparkle for the evening, it can also be doubled up for a layered effect or worn with other necklaces for a touch of the bohemian. 

2.   Chain Bracelet

Do not underestimate the single chain bracelet, it is often the perfect finishing touch to any outfit.   You can also create a very polished delicate look by adding matching earrings or a necklace – or both!  This Sunray bracelet is by Rachel Jackson, the designer loved by both royalty and celebs.  

3.  Pearls

A timeless classic that can be worn as a simple string, or as contemporary styled earrings.  Combined with some sparkle they can add a dash of glamour!  Pearls have a had a resurgence in recent years and it’s easy to see why.  These fabulous earrings are by Surrey based  Pearls of the Orient who carefully and ethically choose the pearls used in their designs.  

4.  A cocktail ring

Striking and beautiful, the cocktail ring will always get attention!  This one by Bill Skinner is handmade in his Kent studios.

5.   A short pendant 

Easy to wear everyday and style with most outfits.  Choose something that has meaning to give your spirits a lift and use to create a modern layered look like this one by Muru.  The Feather is a Talisman for Positivity helping you to maintain a lighter, brighter outlook on life.  





6.  ‘Diamond’ studs

Of course you could buy real diamonds but wear these by London based designer Penny Levi and I defy anyone to tell the difference!  Understated elegance!

7.  A bracelet with sparkle!

Minimalist, elegant, sophisticated and versatile, this simple bracelet by Reeves and Reeves has it all!

8.  Stacking Rings 

Chic and versatile.  Wear these Monogram Flower rings by Lucky Eyes singly for a pretty accent or together for real impact. 

9.  Statement Cuff

Immediately add drama to your outfit and get noticed with this beautiful handmade cuff by Bill Skinner.  The honeybee is a firm favourite in jewellery design and this one is the Queen of them all!

10.  Hoops

With a pair of hoops in your collection you will look polished even on a jeans and t-shirt day.  These Serenity hoops by Rachel Jackson are the perfect size and the hexagonal shape adds extra interest.  






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